SMS Marketing is becoming quite important for most Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) brands. In fact, whenever I sign up for a brand’s product nowadays, I tend to see more SMS notifications than in the past.

SMS text messages to existing customers can have an open rate in excess of 80% and conversion rates north of 20%. When you think about the typical 1% conversion rate of social media ads or the low open rates of email marketing, you can understand why SMS is now perceived as a vital channel for repeat orders / abandon carts, etc.

The two leading platforms for SMS…

Over the past few months, I have by chance spoken to several people who left the world of entrepreneurship behind in order to fully commit to their craft.

Popular culture says that you must pursue entrepreneurship / start-up life in order to fully realize your dreams. However, three unrelated conversations have done a complete 180 on my opinion towards this topic.

CASE 1: The Lawyer

At a corporate dinner hosted by the telecom industry, I was seated next to a lawyer. In the course of the evening, the lawyer told me that she used to be a partner at a…

What We Believe

We believe that New Jersey’s history as a world leader in innovation is also its future. To build this future, New Jersey must move from a defensive posture, focused on the retention of legacy industries, to a forward leaning posture that focuses on attracting and growing the world innovation leaders of the future.

What We Do

We identify pro-growth policies that can return New Jersey to its place as a center of innovation. NJ has new leadership under Governor Phil Murphy and we would would like you to join us and take advantage of this opportunity to make an impact. . . .

Meet the Team

Dear Members of the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly:

Brand New J, a group composed of the top Venture Capitalists (VCs) and successful entrepreneurs in New Jersey, strongly endorses Governor Murphy’s proposed New Jersey Innovation Evergreen Fund (Evergreen Fund). Brand New J members are from both sides of the political aisle, composed of large and small startups, early founders, exited founders, and venture capitalists from both the high-tech community and the life sciences community. …

This article was written by Jay Bhatti on 12/03/2001 for the Wharton School

It was still a few years before World War II. General Douglas MacArthur was a pretty popular man. Given his status, the executives at JP Morgan offered him a very high level position at the bank. One that would have made him very rich and amongst the most high-class people in New York City. His wife at the time (he later divorced her!) was constantly egging him on to take the job. She was, after all, very keen on being associated with the elite and having the…

New York City was known as Silicon Alley for a long time, now it’s just called New York. It was one of those rare cities that was able to break away from “Silicon” and create it’s own identity.

Austin Texas is an ideal place for many young companies

A great team is critical to the success of any startup

Jay Bhatti

Venture Capitalist Investing In Direct To Consumer

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